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Connect WhatsApp to your website and get 50% more conversions and sales

All messengers on the site in 1 button increases sales by 12%

The chatbot takes care of all website requests and increases conversion by up to 70%

Calendar for scheduling appointments, calls, demos, etc.

Online payments on the site
We will integrate any payment system on your site
Success and Errors page for website purchases

Connecting PayPal to the website
Cost €39.99

Connecting a multi-currency plugin for Stripe and Prodamus
Connecting a mailing service and setting up a response letter

Creating a contact us page with address, phone number, maps display, feedback form, messengers, etc.

Make the start of your website
3 times more selling
The set includes a design of 5 story format creatives for advertising
Mail and domain

Connecting a domain
Setting up INFO@YOURDOMAIN.COM format email addresses
Set up of a secure https connection for your website

Setting up DNS records
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